FFV 2021

You could watch this program on RTVS 3  

FRI 2. 7.

Dances from Film Reels

(program presenting archival source video recordings of folk dance and their use in various levels and contexts)

ANNOTATION: We have known about folk dance in our territory for a long time from historical records, but we only got a visual picture of it in the last century. Archival source videos capture ancient dances in its so-called last hour of existence. Today, they are the subject of professional analysis, but above all a source of inspiration and knowledge for choreographers, teachers and performers of folk dance. Dances from film reels offer an insight into the old world, complete the image of the dance tradition and are a stimulus for professional discussion. The program will present personalities from times past, as well as dancers and groups who are currently inspired, motivated and educated by film material.


DURATION: 60 min.

AUTHOR: Ján Michálik, Ondrej Galbička, Katarína Galbičková