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FRI 2. 7.

Drawn in Wood

(symposium of woodcarvers)

ANNOTATION: The folk creation of sculptures developed into a monumental form and was used in the decoration of wooden beehives; bee logs related to the archaic way of beekeeping. The shape of the mostly chubby tree determined the future shape, the other parts of the statue were subject to its future function. The beehives were of different heights and diameters, but they also reached a height of three meters. They were colourfully painted and decorated with plastic carvings and reliefs, notches, or depictions made with a simple line cut. This part of the cultural heritage was followed by woodcarving symposia, which under the name Drawn in Wood has been organized by National Education Center within the programs of the folklore festival in Východná since 1975 on the initiative and in cooperation with Ing. arch. Viliam Gruska, Dr. Irena Pišútová and Svetozár Stračina. They were not held every year, but even so, more than 150 wooden statues have been created during that time, many of which have already fallen to the ravages of time. Drawn in Wood, as well as statues in the amphitheatre area, have become an integral part of the place and the festival. In 2019, we started with sculptures that commemorate elements of our traditional culture inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. We will continue in this theme this year as well, by creating a composition of sculptures with the theme of Terchovská muzika. The authors will be woodcarvers Peter Zoričák from Kremnica, Ľuboš Straka from Bratislava, Ján Šeliga from Hruštín and Ján Palko from Štiavnik.

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DURATION: 50 min.

AUTHOR: Martin Mešša
WOODCARVERS: Peter Zoričák, Ľubomír Straka, Ján Palko, Ján Šeliga