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THU 1. 7.

ETNODOM: Jana Belišová — Gypsy Folk Songs in Slovakia

ANNOTATION: Ethnomusicologist Jana Belišová from the Department of Musicology at Faculty of Arts Comenius University in Bratislava is one of our greatest experts for Gypsies music culture in Slovakia. As part of the activities of the civic association Žudro, which she founded, she carried out a number of research projects focused on various types of song repertoire as well as the singing of Gypsies in many Slovak areas. A series of song collections, scientific publications and rare audiovisual recordings, including film projects that have been presented at film festivals, will be a window into the world of knowledge of this important figure in Slovak ethnomusicology. We will talk a lot in the discussion led by Jana Ambrózová, but we will enjoy even more examples of musical expressions of the Gypsies in Slovakia.

ONLINE: live stream — web and social media of festival

DURATION: 70 min.

LECTURER: Jana Belišová