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FRI 2. 7.


Folk Music Band Muzička and Women from Muzička — Musical debate on the sources of folk music

ANNOTATION: There is no need to introduce Folklore Music Group Muzička a Female Singing Group Ženy z Muzičky from Bratislava to Slovak folklore fans. Since the beginning of the nascent movement of dance houses in Slovakia, Muzička has been an integral part of it, it is known for its creatively conceived music albums, its members are interesting personalities of ethnomusicology or great music and singing teachers. How do they select the sources of folk music and work with them? Where do they see the possibilities and limits of musical processing and popularization of folk music? How can it be effectively communicated to an uninitiated audience? According to them, what exactly is the beauty of musical folklore in Slovakia? You will find out the answers in the music-discussion program moderated by Jana Ambrózová.

ONLINE: live stream — web and social media of festival

DURATION: 70 min.

PERFORMED BY: Folk Music Band Muzižka and Folk Singing Group Ženy z Muzičky