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SAT 3. 7.


Eva Hasalová — Women's folk clothing and the influences of fashionable style clothing

ANNOTATION: There are still many unanswered questions about the origin and development of clothing, which was formed in the rural environment between the peasantry and pastoral population in Slovakia. The lecture will focus on the formal influences of older developmental forms of clothing on traditional women's folk clothing, which they will present through pictorial reproductions. We name some factors influencing its development, various changes, but also the preservation of older forms of development. Lecture by the addressed expert Eva Hasalová (Slovak National Museum — Historical Museum, curator of the collection of historical textiles) with the moderator, Dana Kľučárová will be supplemented by a discussion about other connections and contexts of the culture of contemporary fashion and traditional clothing.

ONLINE: web and social media of festival

DURATION: 70 min.

AUTHOR: Jana Ambrózová
LECTURER: Eva Hasalová
MODERATOR: Dana Kľučárová