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SUN 4. 7.

From the World

(music and singing program From the Evangelical Church in Východná)

ANNOTATION: Folk songs are a mirror of people's lives in the past. They reflect their feelings, opinions, they are a testimony to the time in which they originated. They also provide a lot of interesting information about the issue of emigration to America, Canada, France or Argentina. Slovaks went abroad not only for work but especially for a better future. In addition to folk songs, letters also came home from around the world. Some of them were full of optimism and enthusiasm for the new and unknown, others are interwoven with despair and hopelessness. Folk songs with the theme of emigration and letters from emigrants will be the main motif of the From the World program.


DURATION: 60 min.

AUTHOR: Andrea Jágerová
MODERATOR: Andrea Jágerová, Roman Malatinec
PERFORMED BY: Folk Singing Group from Heľpa, Veronika Malatincová a Folk Music Band Podpoľanec from Detva, Folk Singing Group Kriváň from Východná, Folk Singing Group Stráne from Važec, Folk Group Hajov from Strečno