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WED 30. 6.

Invitation to Východná and a Memory of Ondrej Demo

(radio broadcasting)

ANNOTATION: The program continues to the tradition of radio stage music programs, which are broadcast live on the frequencies of Slovak Radio directly from the House of Culture in Východná every year, usually on Thursday evening, before the official opening of the festival. Radio editors Ondrej Demo, Adriana Domanská and later Samo Smetana, in cooperation with members of the festival's program board, presented the program of the current year of the festival. The authors of the individual programs, but especially the representatives of the performers — singing groups, folk music, singers, instrumentalists and in the end often also dancers — with warm support of the audience on stage to the bursting filled hall of the cultural house performed musically attractive demonstrations of programs in which later, over the next three days, performed on various festival stages in Východná. This year's program, although not live, but with an effort to recall the truly specific atmosphere of these programs, will be prepared by the long-time editor of Slovak Radio Samo Smetana. At the same time, it recalls the heritage of a prominent figure who left the folklore community forever at the end of 2020 and who perhaps contributed most to this program — the founder of field recording and radio broadcasting of traditional forms of folk music, authentic folklore, founder of the Prix de Musique folkloroque de Radio Bratislava and professional orchestra of folk instruments, publicist and organizer of musical life Ondrej Demo.

ON AIR: radio broadcast RTVS, Rádio Regina

DURATION: 55 min.

ASSISTANT: Erika Smetanová