FFV 2021

You could watch this program on RTVS 3  

SUN 4. 7.

Veci čo sa dejú (Things that happen)

(dance-theatre program, the most successful piece of the National Choreography Competition Jazykom tanca 2021)

ANNOTATION: „Veci čo sa dejú (Things that happen)“ is a folk musical bringing Ruthenian singing, music and dance repertoire. The delicate story of Betka, who seeks happiness with Bogdan, takes place against the backdrop of the wild history of the 20th century. From the sad events of World War II, through the re-election and resettlement of Ruthenians to the Soviet Union, to the lonely life in today's city, we learn about the fates of ordinary people experienced by many families from eastern Slovakia.


DURATION: 93 min.

AUTHOR: Štefan Štec
PERFORMED BY: Folk Dance Ensemble Hornád