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WED 30. 6.

Traditional Clothing in Východná

(commented lecture with examples of variants of traditional clothing)

ANNOTATION: Lecture focused on forms, variants and types of folk clothing from the village of Východná in the context of clothing changes, supplemented by interesting developmental aspects. Illustrative examples will be supplemented by descriptions and characteristics of clothing parts in terms of material, cut and aesthetics.
The central theme of our story will be traditional clothing in the Východná village, as we may not know it. We will talk not only about its appearance, but also about its changes over time. We will look at individual types of women's, men's and children's clothing and visually present them with examples of clothing parts on live models.

ONLINE: web and social media of festival

DURATION: 50 min.

AUTHOR: Jana Mládek Rajniaková
PRESENTATION: Ján Koreň, Stanislav Koreň, Nina Michalková, Barbora Kamenická, Janka Mládková, Vratislav Mládek