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SAT 3. 7.

UNESCO — a Player in the Field of Living Heritage Protection

(a program presenting the origin, significance and interesting phenomena of the UNESCO World Heritage Lists)

ANNOTATION: A living heritage shows us how much we are like all the other people in the world. At the same time, it unobtrusively highlights the peculiarities of our culture, which are able to exist in harmony with the peculiarities of other cultures. In addition, it offers us the opportunity to perceive the ingenuity of our ancestors and we can connect with the older and younger generations. In the face of today's challenges, we often do not even realize that living heritage is also a knowledge of crop and animal husbandry, folk medicine and craft techniques that allow us to live in harmony with nature without abusing and destroying it.
Aware of the richness of manifestations of living heritage in the world and in countries where there are not a large number of tangible monuments, buildings or monuments, UNESCO has also undertaken to protect intangible forms of cultural heritage. This is done through the The Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage from 2003 year. The countries of the world, which the Convention grom 2003 brings together, thus directly or indirectly influence cultural policies in this field and these become binding on them. Let's discuss together what these commitments mean for the bearers of the traditions themselves. What the Convention from 2003 can bring for them — both in a positive and a negative sense.

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DURATION: 60 min.

AUTHOR: Ľubica Voľanská
IN COOPERATION WITH: Barbora Morongová