The Folklore Festival Východná was held in 1953 for the first time. Members of the Eastern ethnographic group Kriváň succeeded at the festivities in Strážnice and decided to establish a similar tradition in Slovakia. Folklore groups from Východná, Važec, Štrba, Liptovská Teplička, Liptovské Sliače, Hladovka and Sihelné performed at the first Ethnographic Song and Dance Festival. In 1954, the amphitheater was built. In 1956, it acquired a nationwide character and a new name "Celebration in the Východná".

Now, the Folklore festival Východná is a show of the results of regular and systematic work of many institutions, organizations, associations and individuals in the field of traditional folk culture, which participate in the preservation of traditions.

The Folklore Festival Východná is the oldest and the most extensive nationwide festival with international participation in Slovakia. Every year, during the first weekend of July, the beautiful village Východná, located near High and Low Tatras, becomes the centre of the Slovak culture, where the folk traditions come to life.

During its 67-years of history, the festival became the most acclaimed festival of the traditional folk culture in Slovakia. The festival hosts about 1 400 performers, among which there are winners of the national competition of folk groups, children folk groups, groups of traditional folk music, singing groups and dance groups.

The festival hosts traditional folk craftsmen, producers and artists, as well as numerous interactive and entertainment programs — dancing, singing and musical programs, singing workshops, creative craftsmanship programs and also programs for children.

The Folklore Festival Východná is a celebration of the traditional Slovak folklore and its existence greatly contributes to the revival, preservation, creative development and public presentation of the rich values of our culture. Traditional Slovak folklore is deeply rooted in the traditions and culture of the Slovak nation, and this is the reason why it can every time bring to us joy and revive not only our history but our emotions too. Become part of this celebration right now.